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16th Feb 2011: One of the most effective strategies that mental health or AOD agencies can deploy towards further developing their agency’s level of dual diagnosis capability and to support their workers in delivering dual diagnosis capable assessment and treatment is to develop an agency dual diagnosis policy which:
1. Describes the rationale for the agency prioritising the further development of agency and worker levels of dual diagnosis capability (i.e. recognition of the prevalence, harms and potential for better outcomes associated with dual diagnosis /comorbidity)

2. Makes a clear statement that recognising and responding as effectively as possible to people presenting with dual diagnosis is core business for the agency and its workers

3. Details the agency’s preferred approaches towards recognising (screening) and assessing people presenting with dual diagnosis

4. Describes the agency’s preferred responses to the treatment needs of people with dual diagnosis (i.e. degree of integrated or collaborative treatment for each of the principle presenting cohorts of people with dual diagnosis)


Anglicare Victoria – site of an Improved Services Initiative project- has developed and deployed a great example of a comprehensive, lucid and detailed agency level dual diagnosis policy. Anglicare has kindly given permission for their policy to be posted on this site – download here
Gary Croton

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