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New Zealand's Co-existing Problems Service Checklist
Details for New Zealand's Co-existing Problems Service Checklist
NameNew Zealand's Co-existing Problems Service Checklist

Matua Raki is New Zealandís National Addiction Workforce Development Centre.  Matua Rakiís mission is the development of the addiction-related workforces to contribute to the minimisation of addiction-related harm.

This week Matua Raki launched the Coexisting Problems (CEP) Service Checklist. Co-existing problems refers to co-occurring complex mental health, gambling and substance use disorders.

The CEP Service Checklist is a tool for mental health and addiction/AOD services to use for self-assessment, reflection and planning to develop co-existing problems responsiveness and capability.  The Checklist can be used to develop an action plan that identifies work to develop service level CEP responsiveness and capability (including any workforce development needs). The CEP Checklist methodology involves as many members of the team as possible in completing the Checklist. The CEP Service Checklist is based on the Checklist -Agency Dual Diagnosis Capability tool (2008, Croton, G.) 

The CEP Service Checklist may be downloaded either here or from the Matua Raki site CEP page (here).

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