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Welcome to Dual Diagnosis Australia & New Zealand

Dual Diagnosis Australia & New Zealand is a resource repository created by and for people with an interest in co-occurring substance use-mental health concerns. Please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, links and contributions.

Substance Misuse Service Delivery Grants Fund announcement

May 2nd 2012: This morning the Dept of Health and Ageing (DoHA) announced short listed applicants for the current round of the Substance Misuse Service Delivery Grants Fund.


DoHA received over 220 applications for funding from organisations across Australia. The assessment committee has now recommended 70 applications be shortlisted with final selection subject to negotiation and execution of a funding agreement

More details and list of shortlisted organisations can be found here

Drs Minkoff & Cline 2012 Australian visit
May 2nd 2012: Dr. Christie Cline and Dr. Ken Minkoff are the leading experts on the implementation of the Comprehensive Continuous Integrated Systems of Care (CCISC) model in adult and child and adolescent systems of care. Since 2001, Dr. Cline and Dr. Kenneth Minkoff have worked as a team in the process of system transformation for individuals and families with co-occurring issues in over 35 states and 4 Canadian provinces, as well as nationally and locally in Australia (more information )


Drs Minkoff and Cline will again be in Australia in mid to late May– their work here will include:

- May 14th - ATDC 2012 preconference workshop (Hobart): Changing the World: Welcoming, Recovery oriented systems and services for people with co-occurring conditions (details here)

- May 16thATDC 2012 conference keynote: Changing the World: Developing integrated systems of care in Australia (details here)

- May 21st &  22nd – Workshop in Perth Western Australia (cross-sector, invitation event auspiced by Cyrenian House ISI)

- May 23rd – Rural in reach program, Perth.  Address: Welcoming women and families with complex needs: Delivering integrated care in rural and remote areas (details here)

- May 24thVICSERV conference (Melbourne): Changing the World in Victoria: Welcoming, Integrated Systems and Services for People with Complex Needs (details here)

- May 25th –  Victorian change agent ‘master-class’

New Zealand's Co-existing Problems (CEP) Service Checklist

27th April 2012: Matua Raki  is New Zealand’s National Addiction Workforce Development Centre.  Matua Raki’s mission is the development of the addiction-related workforces to contribute to the minimisation of addiction-related harm.

This week Matua Raki launched the Coexisting Problems (CEP) Service Checklist. Co-existing problems refers to co-occurring complex mental health, gambling and substance use disorders.


The CEP Service Checklist is a tool for mental health and addiction/AOD services to use for self-assessment, reflection and planning to develop co-existing problems responsiveness and capability.  The Checklist can be used to develop an action plan that identifies work to further develop service level CEP responsiveness and capability (including any workforce development needs).

The CEP Service Checklist methodology involves as many members of the team as possible in completing the Checklist. The CEP Service Checklist is based on the Checklist - Agency Dual Diagnosis Capability (2008. Croton, G.) 

The CEP Service Checklist may be downloaded either from the Matua Raki site (here ) or from the Dual Diagnosis Australia and New Zealand site (here)

Webinar: Collaborative care in mental health and substance abuse

14th Feb 2012: The Mental Health Professional’s Network Online (MHPN)  is an professional networking platform designed to enhance and promote interdisciplinary mental health care across Australia. Last Tuesday MHPN hosted a webinar: Collaborative care in mental health and substance abuse presentations. Facilitated by Dr Michael Murray the webinar’s panellists included Professor Dan Lubman (Psychiatrist), Associate Professor Lynne Magor-Blatch (Forensic Psychologist) and Dr Benny Monheit (General Practitioner)


From the MHPN webinar online site you can now download the webinar as a video file (85 MB) or as an audio file (50 MB). You can also download the slides used in the webinar (3MB)  and the background case study


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