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Welcome to Dual Diagnosis Australia & New Zealand

Dual Diagnosis Australia & New Zealand is a resource repository created by and for people with an interest in co-occurring substance use-mental health concerns. Please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, links and contributions.

Dual Diagnosis Conference Presentations

30th June 2011: Drs. Ken Minkoff and Chris Cline are internationally renowned experts who provide consultation, products and technical assistance to healthcare systems in the areas of policy, procedure and practices for integrated services development, quality improvement, and systems transformation.


In early June Drs Minkoff and Cline visited Australia to provide keynote addresses and workshops at:

  1. Victorian Improved Services / Dual Diagnosis Initiative (ISI/VDDI) annual conference at Werribee
  2. Australian Winter School 2011 Conference: Concurrent Disorders - Current Discourses
  3. Australian Therapeutic Communities Association (ATCA) Conference in Perth

Presentations from the ISI / VDDI conference will soon be posted at

Presentations now available from the AWS Concurrent Disorders - Current Discourses conference include:

Image   Dr Ken MinkoffChanging the World: Welcoming, Integrated Systems of Care 

Image   Dr Christie Cline: Using Stories of Real People to Inspire Systems to Change. 

Image   Prof Steve AllsopCreating Integrated Systems of Care: Rhetoric versus Reality 

Image   Gary CrotonAustralia's journey to dual diagnosis capability - the paths we've travelled & the roads ahead... 

Image   Dr Jeremy HayllarGood practice models in policy - integrating the treatment of substance use and mental health

Image   Richard ClancyGood Practice Models in Integrated Treatment or Integrated Practice in a Parallel Universe.

Image   Dr Leanne Hides: Innovations in the use of brief interventions for reducing alcohol use and related problems in young people

Dual diagnosis focused presentations now available from the ATCA conference include:

Image   Andrew Biven: The Impact of AOD Use on Mental Health Conditions and Medications

Image   Phil May: The Impact of an Inpatient Substance Misuse Group Program on Co-morbid Symptoms and Self-efficacy

New capacity building / change management manual

16th June 2011: On May 30th, at the ISI/VDDI conference, VAADA launched a new manual Capacity Building and Change Management - A guide for services implementing dual diagnosis processes.


Authored by Renee Williams, Greg Logan and Linda Rose the new manual is designed to provide a brief ‘how to’ guide for applying change management processes, specifically in relation to adopting dual diagnosis capability within service delivery organisations. The manual is now downloadable from (here

New NZ co-existing capacity building resources and initiatives

June 3rd 2011: Te Pou is New Zealand's National Centre of Mental Health Research, Information and Workforce Development. Te Pou have recently posted on the website a wealth of new resources and information about New Zealand’s current co-existing problems (CEP) capacity building initiatives.


1. On this page of the Te Pou website you will information about
- New Zealand CEP key documents
- Information around implementation of the CEP project
- Information / data collection
- CEP capacity building initiatives
- Tools and techniques (note especially the Improvement Leaders guides)
- Formulation workshops
- Further information

2. May 2011 Co-existing problems tools and resources fact sheet


3. Te Pou’s spotlight on working with people with co-existing mental health and addiction problems page

4. Profile of Te Rawhiti community mental health centre - a one stop shop for people with co-existing mental health and addiction issues


Also of recent note from NZ is this paper on the Let’s get real website.


Lets get real is a Ministry of Health framework describing the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required to deliver effective mental health and addiction services in New Zealand. The paper is designed to provide guidance for clinical leaders, service managers and leaders on the ways that Let’s get real can support co-existing problems (CEP) service provision and planning

QLD Health 2011 DDx Clinical Guidelines and Clinicians Toolkit

May 19th , 2011:  Queensland Health last month published the comprehensive Queensland  Dual Diagnosis Clinical Guidelines and Clinicians Toolkit. While the guides are published specifically for Queensland Health staff, they contain a range of useful contacts and information about good practice for people with coexisting mental health and AOD problems.

Image                         Image

These guidelines provide a way forward following the release of the 2008 Queensland Health Dual Diagnosis Policy.

Note especially:

  • That the guidelines explain the ways that the “No wrong doorpolicy should be implemented at the local level.
  • The detailed Dual Diagnosis Clinician Capability Framework (pp 14-22 of the Clinicians toolkit)

Download the Qld Dual Diagnosis Clinical Guidelines here 

Download the Qld Dual Diagnosis Clinicians Toolkit here 

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