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Welcome to Dual Diagnosis Australia & New Zealand

Dual Diagnosis Australia & New Zealand is a resource repository created by and for people with an interest in co-occurring substance use-mental health concerns. Please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, links and contributions.

New comorbidity / dual diagnosis resource for families

5th March 2011: Allies for Recovery: Information and support options for families living with mental illness and alcohol & drug use in Tasmania


In recognition of the important role that families have in supporting recovery from co-occurring mental illness and substance misuse, this information pack was designed by Hannah Graham of the  School of Sociology & Social Work, University of Tasmania. The resource was developed as part of a Comorbidity Improved Services Initiative (ISI) capacity building project between the Salvation Army Bridge Program and the University of Tasmania and was funded by the Department of Health & Ageing.

Download the resource here

OUR HEALING WAYS Successful strategies for working with dual diagnosis issues, Aboriginal way

23rd Feb 2011:  Our Healing Ways Successful strategies for working with dual diagnosis issues, Aboriginal way is the report from research by the VDDI Education and Training Unit on the successful strategies Aboriginal workers use when working with clients with a dual diagnosis.


The reseacher's aim was to develop resources to support Aboriginal workers to further build their knowledge and skills to provide effective healing strategies to community members from a culturally relevant and evidence based perspective.
The researcher's were looking to find out and understand what were the successful strategies used by Aboriginal workers. To their knowledge this type of research had not been undertaken previously- they employed an exploratory, qualitative research study with a strengths based approach. 

The research adds to the body of knowledge and provides evidence for the healing ways of Aboriginal workers in relation to complex issues. This creates an evidence base from which to further develop a framework of care for the MH, AOD and SEWB Aboriginal workforce to continue to work effectively with clients with a dual diagnosis. It is an opportunity to further develop resources, training and models of clinical supervision to continue to enhance the skills of the workforce in a culturally appropriate manner.

Download the report here

Agency dual diagnosis policy

16th Feb 2011: One of the most effective strategies that mental health or AOD agencies can deploy towards further developing their agency’s level of dual diagnosis capability and to support their workers in delivering dual diagnosis capable assessment and treatment is to develop an agency dual diagnosis policy which:
1. Describes the rationale for the agency prioritising the further development of agency and worker levels of dual diagnosis capability (i.e. recognition of the prevalence, harms and potential for better outcomes associated with dual diagnosis /comorbidity)

2. Makes a clear statement that recognising and responding as effectively as possible to people presenting with dual diagnosis is core business for the agency and its workers

3. Details the agency’s preferred approaches towards recognising (screening) and assessing people presenting with dual diagnosis

4. Describes the agency’s preferred responses to the treatment needs of people with dual diagnosis (i.e. degree of integrated or collaborative treatment for each of the principle presenting cohorts of people with dual diagnosis)


Anglicare Victoria – site of an Improved Services Initiative project- has developed and deployed a great example of a comprehensive, lucid and detailed agency level dual diagnosis policy. Anglicare has kindly given permission for their policy to be posted on this site – download here
Gary Croton

Presentations from Dual Diagnosis-Embracing Change Conference - Bendigo
11th Jan 2011: Bendigo Community Health Services, the Improved Services Initiative and the Loddon and Southern Mallee Victorian Dual Diagnosis Service (VDDI) held a conference - Dual Diagnosis - Embracing Change - in Bendigo on Nov 17th 2010.

The conference brought together over eighty workers from the Alcohol and Other Drug, Mental Health and Psychiatric Disability and Rehabilitation Support Services and related sectors. The program focussed on local and state wide projects that enhance dual diagnosis capability and sustainability and support carer wellbeing.
Conference presentations included:
ImageMelissa Boag -Improved Services Initiative capacity building grants programs -  
ImageGary Croton -No Wrong Door, a dual diagnosis perspective -  NWD_DDx_perspective.pdf

ImageLisa Walklate- Dual Tools. Implementing PsyCheck into practice. - PsyCheck_implementation.pdf

ImageDaniel Eltringham -Collaborative Therapy - Collaborative_Therapy-Embracing_Change.pdf

ImageJasmine Maddigan -Carers Wellness Project - Carers_Wellness_Project.pdf

ImageAdam Zimmermann - The impact of substance use in adults receiving psychosocial rehabilitation services at NEAMI - NEAMI_study.pdf

Image Image Chris Hynan & Greg Logan -Change resistance and sustainability -  Top_10_Reasons_Change_Resistance.pdf and Sustainability.pdf)
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