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Eastern Hume Dual Diagnosis Service has available for flexible delivery a range of training packages around co-occuring metnal health & substance use disorders.

All modules can be tuned to the particular training needs of your group, agency or organisation. Training can be provided by flexible

∑ Introduction to co-occurring mental health & substance use disorders (dual diagnosis)

∑ Co-occurring disorders among older persons

∑ Screening for co-occurring disorders

∑ Integrated assessment of co-occurring disorders

∑ Brief Interventions

∑ Motivational Interviewing

∑ Dual diagnosis: rural and remote aspects

∑ Substances and mental health

∑ Recognition and management of substance withdrawal

∑ Overview of Mental Health disorders

∑ Overview of Substance Use disorders

∑ Assessment and management of risk

∑ General Hospital ís recognition if & responses to persons presenting with substance use disorders

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