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Image Gary Croton has been the sole worker / Clinical Nurse Consultant with the rural Eastern Hume Dual Diagnosis Service (EHDDS) since the serviceís 1998 inception.

EHDDS, auspiced by Northeast Health Wangaratta, is one of Australiaís longest-running initiatives addressing the service systems response to co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders (dual diagnosis). In addition to itís core training and consultation role EHDDS has developed and deployed a range of innovative strategies to build the efectiveness of the response of Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment and Primary Care clinicians, agencies and systems to co-occurring disorders.

EHDDS has consistently prioritised sharing resources, knowledge and strategies. From 1998 to 2001 Gary was an organising member of the Substance Use Mental Health Network Ė consumers, carers and clinicians with an interest in sharing and disseminating information and resources around more effective treatment of co-occurring disorders.

Gary has worked in mental health and drug treatment settings for over 30 years. With a primary discipline of Psychiatric Nursing Gary also holds a Master of Health Science (Drug & Alcohol). Garyís work in co-occurring disorders capacity building was recognised with the W.B. Richardson Award for Nursing Excellence.

In 2003/04 Gary was awarded a Victorian Travelling Fellowship to investigate service system modifications and initiatives designed to promote an integrated treatment response to co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Over a 6-week period he conducted interviews with key informants in 22 site visits in the UK, USA and New Zealand. You can download this report here.

Gary collates and distributes the Co-occurring disorders Roundup - an email and web-based collection of new resources, developments & training opportunities. Roundup is now distributed to several hundred persons involved with co-occurring disorders in Australia and internationally. Gary is the dual diagnosis Australia & New Zealand website creator. He has developed and distributed a range of free multimedia co-occurring disorders resource CDís and has presented on co-occurring disorders topics at a range of national and international conferences. He is an active member of the Victorian Rural Dual Diagnosis Forum and provides consultation across Australia around the development and direction of co-occurring disorders initiatives.

Gary considers that increasing the effectiveness of the various treatment systemsí response to persons with co-occurring disorders is necessary and possible. It requires the strategically-planned, collaborative and robust implementation of top-down and bottom-up strategies towards well-defined, locally-grounded goals.

Recent publications:

Croton, G. (2005) Co-occurring substance use disorders: implications for psychiatric disability services and workers. VICSERV New Paradigm December 2005

Croton, G. (2005) Eastern Hume Dual Diagnosis Service Primary Mental Health Care Australian Resource Centre PARCupdate August 2005 edition

Croton, G. (2005) Senate Mental Health Inquiry Submission: Australian treatment systemís recognition of and response to co-occurring mental health & substance use disorders (PDF 602 KB )

Croton, G. (2005) Response to question on notice for Senate Mental Health Inquiry: Commonwealth, State & Agency level strategies towards more effective treatment of co-occurring disorders (PDF 120 KB)

Croton, G. (2004). Co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders: an investigation of service system modifications and initiatives designed to provide an integrated treatment response State of Victoria: Victorian Travelling Fellowship.

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