dual diagnosis and other complex needs

The Homeless Youth and Dual Diagnosis Initiative (HYDDI) was funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments following the release of the 2008 Commonwealth Government White Paper The Road Home: A national approach to reducing homelessness and Project i by Melbourne University (2008). Project i conducted research into youth homelessness which identified a high prevalence of dual diagnosis concerns amongst young people experiencing homelessness (73% of homeless youth engaged in AOD use, 26% reported a mental illness, 22% reported both AOD and mental health concerns).

The role of HYDDI is to improve cross sector partnerships and improve upon integrated service delivery through capacity building, education, support to guide treatment and primary and secondary consultation. The HYDDI program aims to identify symptoms of mental illness, substance abuse issues, assist with facilitating recovery and assist to establish service linkages for the young person.

To be eligible for HYDDI, young people need to be aged between 16-25 years old, linked with a primary housing case manager with an impacting substance use concern and mental health concern (no formal diagnosis required). There is one HYDDI worker funded per region.

HYDDI Role and Contact Details