dual diagnosis and other complex needs

Coordinated by Katherine Bakos, Our Healing Ways is a project of NEXUS-VDDI.

The project was supported by VACCHO , VAHS and Ngwala Willumbong State-wide Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Service.

The Our Healing Ways project aims are to:
• discover what skilled, experienced Aboriginal workers do to support the healing of people with both mental health and drug and alcohol issues
• develop culturally appropriate resources that are based on the experiences, successful strategies, processes, skills and qualities of Aboriginal workers

This manual explores working with coexisting mental health and drug and alcohol issues from an Aboriginal best practice perspective. The manual takes into account the complexities involved with working with community - often with dual relationships with clients. It is a celebration and validation of the enormous skill set required for this work.

Our Healing Ways manual: Putting wisdom into practice will be available fo download soon and can be emailed to you by request.

Information contained in this booklet is offered as general information for workers to better understand the relationship between mental health and alcohol and other drug use.

Updated in 2018 this booklet was developed by the Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative (VDDI)  through funding provided by the Victoria Department of Health & Human Services. It was originally produced for Aboriginal workers who completed the VDDI's “Introduction to Dual Diagnosis Training”. It is a summary of the key themes in the three-day training program.